Notes on photo documentations

During the scientific examinations of the figurative wall paintings extensive photo documentations have been produced on each of the 13 churches included in the project.

These mainly include detailed photos taken from the scaffold. This means that exciting close-ups are possible on otherwise hardly recognisable motifs of the paintings, of formal and stylistic features of the paintings and of traces and findings of their crafting procedures and the materials used. Photos taken under ultra-violet rays (UV) can also be seen that make it possible to recognise more clearly the particular phenomena of the paintings. In addition, there are photos of the cross sections of paint layer samples that enable further breakdown of the painting technique.

Newly taken exterior and interior views of the churches as well as photos of the many existing ornamental paintings of the shell (polychrome architectural decorations) originating from the construction time and in some cases informative archive pictures also complement the photo documentation.

As this photo material (approx. 1800 photos) cannot be illustrated to its full extent in the book publication, it is available here in the form of PDF files for downloading. Each file includes several sheets of photo data. The most important details about the photo are listed in the heading of each photo data sheet. The layout plan visible in the top right-hand corner will also help in locating the paintings in the church building. Beneath the photos is a text space with comments on the content of the photo.