Zeche Zollern

LWL-Industriemuseum | Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Industriekultur

The playground is immediately adjacent to the museum restaurant

What we offer

Expieriencing the colliery

A lot of attractive features will make your visit to Zollern an unforgettable experience. Free guided tours on Sundays are an insider’s tip for everyone wanting to show their friends an icon of industrial heritage. Groups can book individual guide tours concentrating on special themes like architecture or ecology.

We can offer made-to-measure learn-and-play programmes for school parties and children’s birthdays. A playground immediately adjacent to the museum restaurant, and an indoor “underground” adventure space with its labyrinth of galleries and caves will guarantee that a family outing will be a huge success whatever the weather.

The colliery housing estate in front of the gates

Tips for your day out

There’s also a lot to discover in front of the colliery gates. It’s well worth taking a stroll around the old colliery housing estate and to the spoil tip in the middle of the Deipenbecker Wood nature protection area. A short distance away by foot is Dellwig Mansion, an old aristocratic country seat with a small museum. You can pick up a free map of the immediate vicinity at our box office.

The next anchor points along the Industrial Heritage Trail are not far away and can be quickly reached by car or bike. They are the Hansa coking plant and the Working World Exhibition "dasa", and the Henrichenburg shiplift in Waltrop. The latter is also one of the sites belonging to the LW-Industriemuseum.

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