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What wie offer

Experiencing the colliery

In order for visitors to experience history, technology and nature in and around the Hannover colliery, we have devised a series of guided tours and educational programmes.

During the summer months, the Hannover colliery offers a broad range of exhibitions, cultural activities and events in the heart of the Ruhrgebiet.

One special attraction is the biennial “Ruhrgebiet Steam Festival” featuring dozens of old-timers in action, some of which are over 100 years old. It’s the largest meeting of its kind in Germany. As far as sport is concerned we stage an international “boules” tournament every year, as well as a carrier-pigeon competition for the Hannover Colliery Cup.

The museum can let out rooms for business events. Private parties can be celebrated in the ventilation building above the restaurant rooms of the Hannover colliery.

One tip – not simply for technology fans – is a guided tour every Sunday at 11.00 and 15.00 from April to November, during which we set the historic steam-driven hauling engine in motion. Social history tours of the miner’s housing estates highlight the former living conditions of German and immigrant miners.

Bird-watching excursions are something for early risers. Night owls, by contrast, prefer our comedy evenings and “special night-shifts“, when they can explore the site equipped with helmets and headlamps.

We offer “special shifts” of various length in the Kids Colliery for schools and children’s birthday parties. We shall be delighted to send you our flyer containing a complete overview of our offers for groups. You can also find all the information you require at: www.lwl-industriemuseum.de.

The kids colliery

How does coal get onto the conveyor belt? How hard is it to pull a coal wagon? How do foremen underground communicate with the person operating the hauling gear?

At the Kids Colliery, children get to know more about all the different mining operations above and below the ground in a playful manner.

Our Kids Colliery has everything you could ask for in a proper mine, from a pithead tower hauling engine to mining galleries and a rail track for the wagons. A shift in the shaft not only provides plenty of fun and adventure, children also learn how important it is to work as a team if the work is going to be successful.

Flözian the mining ghost invites the very young to enter his treasure chamber. Here they can discover finds from over a century of mining history. Flözian’s underground diary reveals many secrets about the history of the colliery.

Tips for your day out

The Hannover colliery lies on the Emscher Park cycle trail, the Industrial Heritage Trail by bike, and the ore rail track linking the Hall of the Century in Bochum and the Zollverein colliery World Heritage site in Essen.

The museum is a part of the Industrial Heritage Trail and the Westphalian Mining Route. Along with the neighbouring Dahlhausen housing estate it offers visitors a way into the RVR’s theme route entitled “Working-class housing estates”. The immediate neighbourhood of the Hannover colliery is covered by the “Blue Line 14” of the city of Bochum.

As an anchor point on the Industrial Heritage Trail, the Hannover colliery is ideal for setting out on nature-study hikes. It is the starting point of the adventure trail called “Glückauf Natur!” There are many other attractive museums worth visiting nearby, including the LWL Archaeology Museum in Herne.  .

The Hannover colliery snack bar in the ventilation building and the adjoining beer garden serve refreshments to visitors during museum opening hours.

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