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The Hannover Colliery

A fortress for mining

The pithead tower at Hannover Colliery stands out like a medieval fortress against the horizon of north Bochum. At the time it was built, contemporaries were amazed by the defiant design. Its most splendid exhibit is the steam hauling engine, built in 1893, which stands inside the engine house. It is the oldest extant example of its type still standing in its original place in the Ruhrgebiet. We set this technical dinosaur into motion once again at special demonstration times.

An atmosphere of heavy labour hangs over the interior of the imposing Malakoff tower. From here the colliers would travel 750 metres down the shaft to bring the coal to the surface. In 1973 the Hannover Colliery, the last working mine in Bochum, closed its operations for ever.

For some years now culture, not coal, has been produced at the Hannover Colliery. Temporary exhibitions and events – from major steam festivals to “boules” tournaments – are a huge attraction at the industrial museum during the summer months. The big hit with younger visitors is the “Kids Colliery” (Please note that the "Kids Colliery" is temporarily inaccessible due to renovations). Here girls and boys can play at being miners in a mock colliery.

Opening hours

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Group tours and educational programmes are available throughout the year from Tuesday to Sunday between 9.00 and 18.00.

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By bus and rail

Bus number 368 from Bochum Hbf. in the direction of Herne Wanne-Eickel, alight Hannoverstraße. Bus number 368 from Herne Wanne-Eickel Hbf. in the direction of Ruhrpark, alight Hannoverstraße. Bus number 390 from Herne Bf. in the direction of Bochum Dahlhausen, alight Röhlinghauser Straße. Bus number 390 from and Bochum-Wattenscheid Höntrop S-Bahn station in the direction of Herne Bf, alight Röhlinghauser Straße.