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What we offer

Glass production

You can see from the faces of our glassmakers how sweaty the work is. Why not visit the Gernheim Glassworks where you can see how our glassmakers produce vessels from molten glass with pipes, wooden formers and scissors and how glasses are refined by cutting and engraving.

You are very welcome to join one of our guided tours für individual visitors on Sundays and public holidays at 11.00 am. Tours are free of charge once you have paid admission to the museum.

If you are travelling with a group we can put together an individual package for you.

Please contact us:

Westphalian State Museum of Industrial Heritage
Glashütte Gernheim
Gernheim 12
32469 Petershagen

Phone 0049 (0)5707 9311-0
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Glass production
An exhibition of Finnish Glass Art

Special exhibitions and more

Over the past few years the Gernheim Glassworks has made a reputation for itself far beyond the borders of Germany primarily by means of its exhibitions of international glass art. For the region the Gernheim Glassworks is a multifaceted culture centre. The spectrum of our events ranges from theme days on special glassmaking techniques all the way to concert recitals. The annual museum party is now a fixed tradition with continually changing emphases on the theme of glass. Our craft markets in autumn also enjoy considerable popularity.
In our museum shop you can find a huge selection of hand-blown glass, produced from historical patterns or freely invented in Gernheim.