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The Gernheim Glassworks

Art from fire and sand

The art of glassmaking is at home beside the River Weser. Here there used to be a large number of glassblowing works producing their goods for the world market. The fires have long since been quenched in most of the factories, but we have taken up production once again on one of the original sites.

Every day in the Gernheim glass tower (built in 1826), visitors can experience our glassmakers at work blowing and shaping the molten glass. And right next door they can see the finished products being polished and engraved before their very eyes. Many parts of the early industrial factory village have also been preserved. These include the oldest workers’ houses in Westphalia, the factory owner’s house and the basket-making house. The whole site will give you the opportunity of taking a stroll through 700 years of glassmaking history.

Opening Hours

Tuesdays–Sundays and bank holidays 10 am–6 pm
final admission: 5.30 pm
Closed on mondays (except bank holidays) and
from the 24th of December 2018 until the 2nd of January 2019


Adults: Euro 4
School Children: free admission
Reduced prices: Euro 2
Groups (16 people and more), per head: Euro 3.50

Guides Tours

Guided tours in English are offered for Euro 52 plus admission. Please contact the museum for further information.

Here you can find more information about The Gernheim Glassworks.

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