Work as site. On the Emergence of Communicative Spaces

29.11.2018 – 29.9.2019

Work as site. On the Emergence of Communicative Spaces

The location of a work is more than just the mere site of its installation or a dot on a map of the city. Artistic works transform their spatial surroundings and create places of their own. Situational spaces and passages come about, venues for assembly and interaction, refuges, heterotopies. With the aid of selected works from the history of the Skulptur Projekte, the archive presentation investigates the emergence of communicative spaces and the reciprocal relationship between the work and its location.


The exhibition comprises extensive documentation and archival material such as concepts, drafts, drawings, historical photographs, and film footage.


Dennis Adams
Siah Armajani
George Brecht
Nicole Eisenman
Ian Hamilton Finlay
Ludger Gerdes
Dan Graham
Bert Theis
herman de vries

Ludger Gerdes (1954 – 2008), Untitled, 1998, Watercolour on handmade paper / Drawings for „Ship for Münster“, 1986/87, Ink on transparent paper, Both on loan from: Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn