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Visit our new Exhibition! Life in the Darkness

The LWL-Museum of Natural History in Münster presents from May 22th, 2015 to May 29th, 2016 the new, inclusive Temporary Exhibition “Life in the Darkness”.

Could you imagine living in complete darkness? For us is a life without light hard to picture. However, the darkness hides much more life than we imagine, it might even be that life originated in the dark.


In 1.200 square meters you can discover the extraordinary senses and unusual survival strategies from organisms that have adapted to living with little or without light. Explore the “dark” side of our planet in different environments like caves, the soil, the forest at night and the deep sea. The central themes are the incredible adaptations and orientation strategies from organisms that live in these ecosystems. Along the way we show you how we humans have, since prehistoric times, sought to find utility in dark places. And some of the different ways in which we react and adjust to dark conditions.


In this inclusive exhibition people of all ages can discover the diversity of organisms that have adapted to living in the dark. With help of different modern interactive exhibits, models, stuffed animals and “hands-on” objects you will be able to unlock the knowledge hiding in the dark.

Tour guides and an Audio guide in English are available for this Exhibition.