Landscape, Animals, Gardens

Historical Cultivated Landscapes, Animals, Gardens

Cultivated landscapes, livestock breeding and farming are subject to historical change and therefore have their very own history – an understanding that has become popular again since the 1980s. From 1985, the LWL Open-Air Museum in Detmold has had its own Landscape Ecology Department and the results of its work are visible all over the museum site. Field groves and hedgerows, crop land and woodland areas demonstrate their regional particularities. The cultivation of specific crops, the reproduction of ancient species as well as the application of historical manuring and cultivation techniques form part of the daily work of the Landscape Ecology Department.

New ground was broken with the research of peasant gardens. Differences can be stated even within Westphalia as to the respective region, time period and social class, differences particularly concerning the choice of plants, pavement of garden ways, fencing and garden size. All these historical facts had, and still have, their influence on the layout of our museum gardens.