Historical Building

Historical Building and Research

It is one of the principles in the basic concept of the LWL-Open-Air Museum Detmold to show only original historical buildings. In order to present them as meaningful objects, the buildings have, first of all, to be thoroughly explored by means of different methods of historical building research. For permanent preservation of the ancient buildings we have to implement specific treatments and techniques like, for instance, the translocation of complete buildings or parts of a building, as well as special restoration techniques and skills, or preventive structural maintenance. In the field of  building protection, wood preservation or air conditioning, the museum plays an active part as initiator and partner of research.

All this, however, can only be realised by competent expert staff. In order to deepen and to share this knowledge, the museum has started co-operation with the Technical College for preservation and maintenance of architectural monuments in Detmold. Additionally the museum remains in close contact with universities and research centres, in order to  profit directly from new findings regarding the maintenance of architectural monuments.