Eine Geländestation im ersten Themenjahr "In Fahrt" beschäftigte sich mit dem Thema Sex in Fahrzeugen.


Here you will find an overview of our last exhibitions.

2018: Raus aus dem Spießerglück

The moon landing, the beginning of color television, the Woodstock Festival or John F. Kennedy - the 1960s today often appear as the decade of general modernization. In the season 2018 the LWL-Open Air Museum in Detmold was focused on the unknown 1960s under the title "Raus aus dem Spießerglück". The special exhibition has shown a time in Westphalia that was shaped not only by an atmosphere of change, but also by the persistence of established lifestyles.

2017: Ene, mene, muh ...

On the basis of individual children's stories, the museum showed how the worlds of play and experience changed in the 20th century. In the exhibition hall we have focused on personal objects from different decades, which stand as an example for this change. The visitors had the opportunity to contribute their own objects and stories, so that the exhibition has changed during the season.

2016: Scheiße sagt man nicht!

In 2016 the LWL-Open-Air Museum Detmold focused on the toilet culture, a central theme of body culture. The special exhibition in the Paderborn village was designed like a public toilet Visitors were able to find out more about the history of the hygiene and many unspoken things about the toilet. At the same time, frequently asked questions from the visitors have been answered.

2015: Geraubte Jahre

The theme year 2015 focused on everyday reality of forced labour in Westphalia. During the Second World War millions of prisoners of war as well as civilian male and female workers were obviously part of everyone’s daily life. Also in Westphalia almost every farm or courtyard used their manpower. The museum's collection includes several sets of glass plate negatives from the photo studio Kuper, which can be visited in the museum. The photos were taken there during the Second World War. These are photos of female forced laborers and prisoners of war.

2014: Marsch, marsch ins Beet

In 2014 the visitors could go on a journey through the variety of gardens. Useful information about the garden was presented. It has also been shown for example that it is very easy to grow vegetables even in the smallest possible space.

2013: Verflixt! Geister, Hexen und Dämonen

Do superstitious ideas still fit into our modern society? And how did people protect themselves from fright? The special exhibition 2013 showed that the motives for believing in transcendental things do not differ so much today from our ancestors.

2012: Schatzhüter

They often accompany us for a lifetime, preserve secrets and treasures, keep memories: chests. 2012 the LWL-Open-Air Museum Detmold focused on this first multifunctional piece of furniture, chests from five centuries have been shown.

2011: Bitte recht freundlich!

In 2011 the LWL-Open-Air Museum Detmold focused on photography. Historical portraits showed the former inhabitants of the houses. At the same time two special exhibitions deepened the photography topic. A cabinet exhibition showed to the history of the portrait. And in the exhibition hall in the Paderborn village, the LWL-Open-Air Museum presented men's portraits of the 1930s and 1940s from the photo studio Kuper, which was rebuilt in the museum in 2010.

2010: Planet Westfalen

What motivates people to leave their homes? Where do they go? The special exhibition 2010 "Planet Westfalen" showed original objects of America emigrants, swagmen or refugees. In the outside area examples of westphalian architectural and cultural history has been shown.

2009: Angekommen. Russlanddeutsches Leben

20 years after the opening of the "Iron Curtain" the LWL-Open-Air Museum Detmold focused on the arrival and the life of Russian Germans in Germany as well as their former living conditions in Russia and the Soviet Union. Documentary photos showed their new life in Germany. Memorabilia from the old homeland, for example the last plates of the old tableware of the grandparents, have been exhibited.

2008: In Fahrt und mopsmobil

In the first theme year 2008 visitors could have experienced different facets of mobility. Vehicles like a wedding carriage, a corpse car or an Opel "Blitz” for example were exhibited. A second special exhibition explained the relationship between man and dog: from the dog as a working animal to the best friend. The exhibition was developed in cooperation with students of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster.