Die Blumenfrauen vom Viktualienmarkt

Cabinet Exhibition

The flower women from the Viktualienmarkt

On first sight the Viktualienmarkt in Munich and Westphalia do not have anything in common. But when it comes to the photographs of a photographer from Geseke, then both places can be very well connected. The new cabinet exhibition "The flower women from the Viktualienmarkt. Photo works by Hildegard Kaup (1924-2016) "displays a very special photo series that will take center stage from 8th of July.

The exhibition shows 25 photographs by Hildegard Kaup, which essentially depict the flower women from the Viktualienmarkt. This series originated in the post-war years 1948/49.

Hildegard Kaup was born in Lippstadt and grew up in Geseke/Westphalia, where her parents ran a photo studio. There she completed her education and went to the Bavarian State School of Photography after the Second World War for a year, today known as “Münchener Fotoschule”. During this time, in addition to various studies, the photo series of the flower women was created. With her open view for the extraordinary in everyday life, Hildegard Kaup succeeds in depicting the work of the flower women in all their facets, even off the Viktualienmarkt, and thus giving the market women a face. In addition to the photographic work from Munich, the new exhibition sheds light on the life and work of Hildegard Kaup, who returned to Geseke after her stay in Munich to run the family’s photographic studio.