LWL-Coordination Office of Drug-related Issues

LWL-KS – is a centre of excellence for addiction care and prevention in Westphalia-Lippe.

We, i.e. the LWL-KS, are a hub, advisor and think tank for institutions and experts, who are interested in continuous development of their work. We are successful in this, because we combine and publish up-to-date scientific and practical findings and offer exchange platforms. Also, because we advise, teach and bring people together; because we support self-help and open new pathways for addiction care and prevention.

We cooperate with institutions and experts at regional, national and European level. Problems of addiction do not stop at borders. Often, trends, which can be observed in Westphalia-Lippe, can be noticed in other regions, states and neighbouring countries as well. Innovative ideas arise in many places. The important next step is to spot these innovations, to evaluate them and incorporate them into the addiction care system. This is where we are a service provider: Experts, decision-makers and stakeholders within the addiction care system and politics in Westphalia-Lippe are constantly provided by us with up-to-date findings, transferring them through our wide spectrum of activities and offers.

We are active in three main areas:

  • Further Education and Training:

Qualification programmes and opportunities on up-to-date topics and methodological skills and competences

  • Advice, Coaching and Service:

Support and networking for experts, institutions and self-help groups and organisations

  • Pilot Projects:

Practice-based projects for addiction care and prevention

Since its foundation in 1982 more than 26.350 (2015) practitioners from addiction care have participated in our further education and training opportunities, as well as in our expert’s conferences.
In more than 35 practice-based projects on the regional, national and EU-level, under our guidance, standards have been set for addiction care and prevention on the following topics, among others:

We advise communities, municipalities and institutions on conceptual issues on multiple topics. Some examples:
•    Cooperative planning of addiction care in communities  
•    Introduction of quality management in the out-patient addiction care system of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)
•    Initiating practice-oriented working groups and platforms
Our webpages will give you some impression of the spectrum of different activities, and provide information about up-to-date offers. The strong regional orientation of our activities explains why not all of our pages are translated into English.
Extensive information in English can be found on the pages of the following international projects:
•    FreD goes net
•    Projekt Search
•    Cooperation with the Russian Federation
•    Twinning Slowakei
•    BINAD – Binational experts structure
•    euro youth - Suchtprävention in der außerschulischen Jugendarbeit
•    euro parents – Prevention of Addiction with Peers und Key Persons
•    euro net - Curriculum
•    euro peers – Prevention of addiction in the youth work at school  
•    Repatriation grant of German drug addicts in the Netherlands