Maria Eichhorn:

Acquisition of land - The work consists in acquiring a piece of land. It comprises all the transactions and procedures involved in the purchase/sale of a plot, including research of open areas for sale, viewing, choice, title transfer, change of owner, entry in land-register, and use.

Which plot? - The plots it to be an undeveloped open space in central Münster. Particular specifications such a position, location, size, price, and owner will become clear in the course of the acquisition: Which plots (open areas, building sites) are offered for sale? Size? Address/location? For what price? By whom? Reason for sale?

Location/position - The choice of location is determined by the availability of open plots and the deliberate search for plots. The plot is acquired as a plot.

Change of owner/property - Contract of sale. Title transfer. Who was the owner, who is the new owner? How is the change recorded? Notarial certification of the legal agreement. Entry of legal change in the land-register.

Real value/symbolic value - The real value of the work is constituted by the transactions and procedures involved in the acquisition and use of the plot. The real value increases or decreases with the size, location, and use of the plot. The symbolic value of the sculpture increases with the reduction of the real value. The greater the real value, the less the symbolic value.