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27.09.07, Looking back as skulptur projekte münster 07 draws to a close
22.08.07, Double DVD set documents skulptur projekte münster 07
13.08.07, Half-time in Münster: More than 350.000 visitors so far
18.07.07, First impressions
15.06.07, Dates and events throughout the opening days
27.04.2007, Deimantas Narkevičius stimulates discussion about monument
07.02.2007, Groundbreaking Ceremony for Guillaume Bijl's project
20.10.2006, Artist Lectures "Vorspann II"
28.06.2006, Artist Lectures "Vorspann"
16.02.2006, 20 artists invited
17.05.2005, Press Conference 17.05.2005

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