New Building

An open institution for art is how the new LWL-Museum –
constructed by Staab Architekten Berlin – presents itself in
the middle of Münster’s city centre. Windows spanning two
floors pierce the sandstone façade, opening it up to the city.
Distinguished by the architecture of the courtyards, the new
building’s most spectacular feature is nevertheless the prow,
located at the north entrance and pointing towards Münster
cathedral. Once inside, the visitor is greeted by spacious architecture.
The central foyer flooded with light, covering an
area of 700 square meters and at a height of 14 meters, is a
place of wonder. The gently inclining main stairway leads
the way up to the collection’s exhibition spaces situated on
the upper floors. From the foyer the museum opens towards
the south in an inner courtyard under the most beautiful
roof in the world: an uninterrupted view of the open sky.