Welcome to the LWL-Planetarium

For Kids - Planetarium

Since 2012 the Rainbow Fish („Regenbogenfisch“) swims in the Planetarium.
The new kids program “The Rainbow Fish and his Friends” based on the books by Marcus Pfister, leads to the rainbow in the deep sea, to the rainbow in the sky and to the fishes in space. For children of four years or over!

The sharpest planetarium in Europe is located in Münster…
…because we have the best digital resolution Europe-wide. 

Visit us and be surprised!

Full dome projection-system, 6 digital screen projectors, 24 PCs for data transfer and image composition, picture resolution of 35 megapixels, 60 meters of tricolor LEDs, laser projection system and the unique Zeiss star-projector in the middle of the room make the shows and events in the planetarium a lasting memory.