The LWL-Open-Air Museum Detmold is a place for experience, learning and communication. Multifarious forms of presentation and communication help to understand the changes in Westphalian everyday and cultural history. Please contact our Info-Team for information about our range of programmes, guided tours, activities and materials. The Info-Team is at your disposal from April 1 to October 31: phone: +49 5231 706104, email:

Guided Tours

Here is a selection of our most popular guided tours. The group size is limited to 25 people. The tours cost € 55 each and last about one and a half hour. We offer tours in the following languages: Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

The Open-air museum at a glance
This guided tour gives an overview of the development and the changes of Westphalian everyday and cultural history.

From corn to bread
This guided tour shows the steps from corn to bread. You can help the miller and taste the bread.