TAKE CARE -- in transfer

Strategies towards responsible alcohol consumption for adolescents in Europe

In all European countries, there are clear regulations about the age at which adolescents are allowed to buy and consume alcohol. Yet, no precise wording of law can prevent infringements – however, this gap between legal norms and practical experiences seems to be quite wide at the topic of the youth and the alcohol.

Often, it is very easy for minors to buy alcohol in pubs, petrol stations, supermarkets or kiosks without any problems. Sometimes, because the employees in retail turn a blind eye on this, sometimes because they do not even know the law for the protection of the youth. Also, young people experience often a careless dealing with the topic of alcohol in their families, where a bottle of wine or a couple of beers simply belong to watching television in the evening. Even key persons from the young people’s direct environment, such as experts in youth facilities or coaches in sports clubs, find it difficult to gain access to adolescents when it comes to the topic of alcohol.

The TAKE CARE project dedicates itself to the task of developing and testing new strategies towards a responsible consumption of alcohol among adolescents in Europe. The special idea in TAKE CARE is the multilevel approach: In addition to adolescents only, the project also focuses on parents, key persons and employees in retail.

The results of the project, which was initiated by the LWL Office for Drug-related Issues in cooperation with ten European partner organisations, show: The approach is effective. The evaluation of TAKE CARE did not only prove that adolescents reconsider their consumption habits after the interventions, but also that parents, key persons and employees in retail now know more about the risks of the consumption of alcohol by adolescents – and plan to pay closer attention to the compliance with the laws after the intervention.

In the brochure, you can learn more about the method and results of TAKE CARE – a project, which not only tried out new methodological paths, but, as a joint project of ten partner countries, also showed, how the European idea can be filled with life in practice.

The project proposal was developed in the context of an euro net workshop. Further information regarding the European network under www.euronetprev.org.

The project TAKE CARE received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme from March 2010 till November 2012.